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East Midlands-made flying cars could be in the air by 2020

“The VRCO NeoXCraft has the potential to transform our dependency on road infrastructure."

A revolutionary new air vehicle, the NeoXCraft, is being created by East Midlands-based company VRCO.

The ‘flying car’ combines ducted fan technology, hybrid engine power, modern lightweight composite materials and advanced flight controllers to allow vertical take-off and landing.

Daniel Hayes, CEO and co-founder of the project, said the NeoXCraft will be an autonomous, comfortable and accessible vehicle that is intended to be ready by 2020 if testing is successful and all goes to plan.

He said: "The VRCO NeoXCraft has the potential to transform our dependency on road infrastructure.

“Imagine in five years’ time seeing 10 air traffic lanes between Derby and Nottingham with vehicles flying in controlled corridors, safely interacting with each other?”

VRCO co-founders Daniel Hayes (left) and Michael Smith (right), pictured above with the University of Derby's Professor Paul Stewart outside the Institute of Innovation.

How we helped:

Three Sixty Media provided media and PR support in elevating VRCO, the concept craft and the partnership with the University of Derby’s Institute of Innovation, onto the national and international stage. Media coverage included regional, national and international TV coverage, national newspaper publications, global digital media channels and local radio in the form of BBC Derby and Nottingham.

What VRCO said:

“Their support at meetings and presentations has been exemplary.”

“Three Sixty Media has elevated our presence and our concept craft to a national and international audience with coverage and interviews on television and radio," said Michael Smith, VRCO co-founder.

"In addition, our story received several million hits worldwide online and offline with The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Times as well as regional newspaper titles. Their support at meetings and presentations has been exemplary and we feel that this exposure has dramatically improved exposure to investors and partners.”