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The end of an era or the next chapter in an amazing 266-year story?

It was announced yesterday that the parent of one of our City’s most prestigious companies, Royal Crown Derby, has been bought as part of a major US Private Equity deal.


The early years of industry in our City were driven forward on a wave of taste and fashion by the rapidly emerging professional class. This was the foundation of the modern global consumer society. Silk, Porcelain, finely worked marbles from the Peak District, and intricate metalware formed the luxury goods backbone of the local economy, fuelling the virtuous circle of innovation, enterprise and economic growth.


There is no better example of Derby’s long history of thinking and making than Royal Crown Derby — the oldest remaining English Porcelain manufacturer. For a business dating back to 1750 with a great deal of history and nostalgia attached to it, this is the end of an era. But it’s also a chance for our City to write the next chapter in its amazing story of world-class thinking and making. Here’s to the future. 

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