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The Great and Good of... Coffee Shop Branding

As a team of coffee lovers, we are more than a little excited to be attending the launch of Derby’s BEAR — situated in very close proximity to our office (better set up our tab!)

To celebrate, we have chosen a selection of our favourite Coffee Shop branding examples from across the country.


Founded in Shoreditch in 2011, Grind has utilised great branding, a unique communication style and even celebrity endorsements to subsequently expand the business with the addition of four new branches.

Hot Numbers Coffee

Also a roastery and wholesale business, Hot Numbers have two cafes in Cambridge. The striking marque emblazoned on their cups and coffee beans was designed to reference the old record store Hot Numbers was named after.

Workshop Coffee

With three different cafes and a factory, Workshop Coffee have used a minimalistic design and colour palette to present a sophisticated brand image which leaves you wanting more. More coffee, that is.

Making YOUR coffee shop stand out

Even if you have the best quality coffee, your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. We recommend focusing on the finer details. How can you create a unique experience for your customers? The previous examples have achieved success through having a structured set of brand values and ensuring consistency throughout design, communication and customer service both in-store and online.

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