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Social media - responding to communication is vital

How many times have you contacted a big-name brand via social media to ask a question, solve a problem or simply give your feedback on a product or service, only to be ignored?

It could be argued that such large businesses simply do not have the time to reply to the thousands of messages they are sent each day. Social media accounts for brands such as Nivea and Loreal, however, prove that providing engaging content whilst maintaining a great level of customer service is possible. Therefore, the root of the problem for other brands and businesses lies in a lack of organisation. No matter how big your team is, you have the resources to create and manage a fully engaged and optimised social media presence.

Here are our top tips for making sure current and future customer enquiries via social media are responded to quickly and efficiently:

Dedicate a member of staff or team to managing your social media presence

Although perhaps more difficult for smaller businesses, it is important to understand that a quality social media presence can not be achieved if full attention is not given to the task. Ideally, you should have a member of staff (or if possible, an entire team!) who can always be on hand to provide a speedy response to enquiries.

Recognise spam

If a comment, tweet or post contains a suspicious link, or the user seems like a robot, report the message for spam and block the user. Nothing will be gained from replying!

Sometimes, a favourite or like is enough

A simple “great pic!”, “haha”, or “congrats!” leaves little room for reply, but it is still good etiquette to let a user know you have acknowledged their message. It proves that there is a human being behind your account and that you are active online.

Make sure to remain professional

It goes without saying, but make sure to be aware of your brand values at all time and avoid making controversial or informal comments. If a customer is making a complaint, make sure to remain neutral whilst offering all of the help you can to solve their problem. The more helpful, friendly and approachable your business appears online, the more people will remember your name.

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