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Every business generates reports of some kind, be they HR reports, CSR documents or even an annual report. They often contain large amounts of important information that needs to be displayed in the most effective and engaging way possible. 
Having a strong, memorable brand can have a major impact for any business. Another key ingredient for any successful brand is in its ability to be flexible – basically a flexibility for it to be reproduced in different shapes and sizes – therefore maximising its appearance whether appearing online or offline.
In order that you can consider the strengths or otherwise of your brand, we have drawn up a list of five simple question, the answers to which should help you reach a conclusion:
    John Lewis first opened its doors in 1864 and since then has been on a brand journey that today sees the Partnership acknowledged worldwide as a sign of quality and excellence – both in terms of product sold as well as customer service delivery.
    Across the UK, the Partnership has a total of 350 stores, 50 for John Lewis and 300 for Waitrose. In addition, they have increased market share significantly through a strong online presence that cleverly embraces a ‘click & collect’ strategy that helps to drive footfall to stores.

    Saturday marked the beginning of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup - the largest and longest in the tournament's history - with twenty-four teams participating including eight debutants. Every single match is due to be broadcast live by the BBC, and the event is predicted to reach almost a billion viewers worldwide.