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Derby County Football Club
Branding & Marketing Campaigns

Poised to be relegated from the Premier League in 2008, under a new ownership group and about to celebrate their 125th anniversary, we were the agency appointed to advise, create and deliver a complete brand overhaul for the football club. Commencing with the creation of the Club's very first visual identity guide, the document influenced the look and feel and messaging of each and every fan touchpoint throughout Pride Park Stadium including concourses, catering outlets, retail shop and ticket office. Today, the 'We are Derby'  ethos we introduced, continues to underpin the Club's messaging.

Working closely with the Club's senior management and commercial team, we were very much seen as the extended arm of the marketing department, creating, producing and delivering every piece of marketing literature. From season ticket campaigns like 'Some decisions are black and white' that retained a record number of season ticket holders to the message that adorns the Clough-Taylor monument: Integrity, solidarity, unity, harmony and victory.

One of the most important benefits they provided is an integrated approach to everything we do when it comes to our marketing, our communications and our public relations.
Vice President
Sales and Marketing